Tuesday, September 7, 2004



Reese Witherspoon: Rebecca (Becky) Sharp, notorious social climber
Romolai Garai: Amelia Sedly, Becky’s former schoolmate and now best friend
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: George Osborne, handsome but elusive soldier
James Purefoy: Rawdon Crawley, dashing soldier and gambling man
Eileen Atkins: Miss Matilda, Rawdon’s wealthy spinster aunt

Adapted from a novel, it would be a lot easier to sort things out if you’ve read the book. There is a lot to take in: there are about a dozen principal characters, it covers at least 20 years of their lives and bounces around from England to India to France and back. It takes some figuring out to keep track of all this. And for more than 2 hours too.

Set during the Napoleonic era with lavish costumes, elaborate sets and some really good acting, the story is one about humble beginnings and the difficulty in reaching upper society. But it would be a much better movie if it only took in some of the story.

for some sensuality, partial nudity and a brief violent image.

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