Tuesday, September 21, 2004

MR. 3000

Sports comedy

Bernie Mac: Stan Ross, aging baseball player nearing retirement
Angela Bassett: Mo Simmons, televison reporter for ESPN
Michael Rispoli: Boca, Stan’s buddy
Chris Noth: Schembri, General Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball club
Paul Sorvino: Gus Panas, Team Manager (a.k.a. Skip)
Brian White: T-Rex Pennebaker, home run champ (with an ego larger than his R.B.I.’s)

Not that it is essential (because the story is more universal than that) but the movie is easier to follow if you are a fan of the game.

Although somewhat predictable, it’s still nice to see someone having to deal with some of life’s setbacks and in so doing, actually change.

for vivid locker-room language and sexual situations.

While talking with Mo in the bar the stud in Stan’s tie moves up and down between shots.

When Stan is on the Jay Leno show the coffee cup of the previous guest turns around by itself from one camera angle to the next.

When T-Rex comes to bat the scoreboard shows 0-4-0 (runs-hits-errors) but after he hits a home run it does not get updated to 1-5-0.

Although the stadium announcer does a fine job of explaining the situation at different stages of the game, he assumes we all know that in major league baseball a hit is not simply the batter making contact with the ball; to be scored officially as a hit, the ball has to land within the playing surface and the batter has to reach base safely.

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