Saturday, September 4, 2004


Romantic comedy

Zach Braff: Andrew Largeman, a 26-year old part-time Hollywood actor and waiter
Ian Holm: Gideon, his psychiatrist father
Peter Sarsgaard: Mark, Andrew’s old friend
Denis O’Hare: Albert, another friend
Ron Leibman: Dr. Cohen, Andrew’s physician
Natalie Portman: Samantha, another patient of Dr. Cohen

There are moments when the comedy aspect of this movie becomes apparent. But a lot of time is devoted to watching Andrew “hang out” with his friends in a somewhat aimless visit to his home town. Only when Samantha shows up does the movie perk up but overall it’s a little weird.

for language, drug use and a scene of sexuality

When Andrew is talking with his dad in his office Gideon’s glasses are in the middle of the desk. He leans back and then stands up. Somehow the glasses moved themselves off on the side of the desk.

When Andrew is discussing his problem with Dr. Cohen, his glasses case is clipped to the outside of his shirt pocket; when Dr. Cohen gets up from his desk the clip is now inside the pocket.

Zach Braff who stars in it also wrote and directed the movie. Once more the sum of the parts is not equal to the whole when one person takes on more than one significant role in the movie.

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