Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Since the 16th century European fishermen have been fishing for cod in the waters off Newfoundland along with the locals in the area known as the Grand Banks. Approximately 8 million tons of cod were caught in the 100 years from 1647 to 1750. With the introduction of factory fishing in the early 1950’s that amount of cod was caught in just 15 years.

The Atlantic coast fishing industry collapsed entirely in 1992 owing to this overfishing coupled with a lack of oversight and poor fishery administration. The Canadian government declared a moratorium but even after 20 years the cod population has not returned. The effect on the local economy has been disastrous since fishing represented their livelihood. Most now live on Government welfare cheques.

Brendan Gleeson: Murray French
Gordon Pinsent: his buddy Simon
Mark Critch: bank teller Joe
Liane Balaban: Kathleen, the postmistress
Cathy Jones: Murray’s wife
Taylor Kitsch: Dr. Paul Lewis
Mary Walsh: telephone operator

This is something of a rarity: a feel-good movie with no violence, no swear words, heart-warming and wholesome with only mildly suggestive situations done in good taste.

I was smiling the whole time while the laughs just kept coming. The acting is uniformly good and the cinemaphotography beautifully show-casing the rugged beauty of the area.

 for some suggestive material and drug references.

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