Sunday, June 8, 2014


 Romantic comedy

Shorim (Hebrew for watchers or guards) are Jewish civilian patrols set up in Hasidic neighbourhoods in the United States and England. Their primary role is to combat anti-Semitic attacks, burglary, vandalism, mugging, assault and domestic violence. The volunteers are unarmed and do not have the authority to make arrests. They ride in vehicles that look like regular police cars.

Woody Allen: former bookstore owner Murray Schwartz
Sharon Stone: Murray’s dermatologist Dr. Parker
Sofia Vergara: Dr. Parker’s friend Selima
John Turturro: Fioravante, Murray’s former employee
Tonya Pinkins: Murray’s wife Orthella, an African-American
Vanessa Paradis: Avigal, the widow of a Hasidic rabbi
Live Schreiber: Dovi, a volunteer with Shorim

Preposterous, ludicrous and vulgar. Other than that this film about a male escort does not have much going for it. The surprising thing to me is the fact Woody Allen is involved with such a trashy, pulp-magazine type movie. The fact that his role is so unbelievable and totally out of character begs the question “why?”.  

Although there are a few bits of comic relief, mostly of the slap-stick sort, the acting somehow feels wrong and does not ring true. And there is one other thing.

Once more Ralph’s Rule of Redundancy applies:
“Any film where one person takes on more than two key positions has a major shortcoming: the absence of independent critical judgement that results in something less than it might have been.”
In this case John Turturro stars in and is also the Writer and Director.

 for some sexual content, language and brief nudity.

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