Saturday, May 31, 2014


Marion Cotillard: Ewa Cybulski, a young Polish woman
Angela Sarafyan: her younger sister Magda
Joaquin Phoenix: Bruno Weiss
Jeremy Renner: Bruno’s cousin Emil
Yelena Solovey: Bruno’s boss Rosie Hertz
Maja Wampuszc: Ewa’s aunt Edyta
Ilia Volok: Ewa’s uncle Voytek

The more mature discerning viewer will appreciate that this is a reflection on how things were for some immigrants back in the 1920’s. Not only starting a new life, in many cases it was starting a life they had not foreseen. Unscrupulous people are everywhere of course but seeing how one innocent person is exploited is difficult to watch.

It is a sad story characterized by excellent performances all around (Cotillard especially) and with great attention to detail that gives this period piece a feeling of authenticity.


 for sexual content, nudity and some language.

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