Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 Romantic comedy

Bradley Cooper: former high school teacher Pat Solitano
Chris Tucker: his friend Danny
Jacki Weaver: Pat’s mother Dolores
Robert De Niro: his father Pat Sr. a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan
John Ortiz: their neighbour Ronnie
Julia Stiles: Ronnie’s wife Veronica
Jennifer Lawrence: Veronica’s sister Tiffany

Unlike most movies of this sort, this one is not aimed at the younger crowd. With some serious issues, it is anything but fluff. In fact, some scenes are difficult to watch as they are that real.

With a strong storyline and some great acting by Cooper and Lawrence (De Niro too) it is at times funny, inspiring, unsettling and engaging. That makes for a strong contender for recognition of some sort, maybe at the time they give out the Academy Awards?

 for sexual content, brief nudity and language.

  • The car Dolores is driving does not meet the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 202 so would not be allowed on the road  since both head restraints have been removed.
  • During dinner at Ronnie’s house in the mirrored cabinet behind Veronica a crew member can be seen trying to get out of the camera’s view.
  • While Pat Sr. is explaining his strategy to Dolores and Randy, his gambling friend never stays put; from one shot to another Randy is either behind or beside her.
  • Although Pat and his father are alone in the car and Pat Sr. keeps both hands on the wheel, the back seat window closes all by itself.
  • When Tiffany recaps the Eagles season she mentions that they won both games  against the Seahawks; since these teams are in separate divisions they would not play each other twice in a season.
  • Pat walks into the dance studio with duct tape on his sneakers. He sits down so  Tiffany can wrap duct tape around his now tape-free shoes.
  • While reading the letter in the dance studio, without touching it the pendant on his necklace comes and goes; sometimes it is on the front of his shirt or not and when he walks away it is at the back of his neck.

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