Friday, December 21, 2012


Irrfan Khan: middle-aged Piscine “Pi” Molitor Patel
Rafe Spall: a Canadian author
Ayush Tandon: Pi as the 11-year-old son
Adil Hussein: Pi’s father Santosh, owner of a zoo
Tabu: Pi’s mother Gita
Suraj Sharma: 16-year-old Pi

To my mind movies told in flashback many times take away the essence of the story by telling us the ending so I don’t know why they do it so often. Case in point: before we even learn about the epic struggle of Pi as a teenager, we know he survives. So the key element is gone. I wish I had missed the first fifteen minutes because this is really a simple story about survival with frequent references to spirituality thrown in.

Despite some beautiful images they only serve to break up the monotony during the second half of the movie and do nothing to move the narrative along. Consequently it is over two hours long and overstays its welcome by at least 20 minutes.

However the director seems to have switched gears somewhere because the ending is told without any visual references at all and that’s where they could have helped in telling the story. How odd.

for emotional thematic content, some scary action sequences and scenes of peril.

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