Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Drama, comedy

Judi Dench: recently-widowed Evelyn Greenslade
Tom Wilkinson: Graham Dashwood, a retired high court judge
Penelope Wilton: housewife Jean Ainslie
Bill Nighy: Douglas, her husband of 39 years
Maggie Smith: retired housekeeper Muriel Donnelly
Ronald Pickup: randy ol’ Norman Cousins
Celia Imrie: wealthy Madge Hardcastle
Dev Patel: the hotel manager Sonny
Tena Desae: Sonny’s girlfriend Sunaina
Lillete Dubey: Mrs. Kapoor, Sonny’s mother
Diana Hardcastle: Carol, a guest at a local hotel

The seven newly retired Brits who decide to spend their retirement years in a distant hotel get more than they expected. But we, the viewers, do not: it plays out like an episode of the long-running television soap opera As the World Turns with its focus on the relationships and difficulties of the group.

The talented cast do an impressive job with little material as there is nothing of real substance here, just a montage of personal experiences. And with a running time in excess of two hours it is too long overstaying its welcome by at least half an hour.

It’s mildly amusing provoking the occasional smile and although there are some comments that could be deemed offensive they are not said in a manner that would make anyone terribly upset.

One more thing: not wanting to give anything away, all I’ll say is that the transformation of one of the group has that contrived “good-feel” about it. You’ll know who I mean when you see it for yourself.

 for sexual content and profanity.

  • Among the items Evelyn has in her carry-on bag is a big jar of pickles that the security agent allows her to take on board despite the fact it far exceeds the 100ml maximum capacity for any liquids.
  • It is statistically impossible that seven strangers all happen to sit on the same row of chairs in the airport and all seven just happen to be going to the same hotel far away.

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Pat Wood said...

I went to the movie because the plot is aimed at my demographic and I love the cast especially Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Dame Maggie Smith. I felt the group all on one bench at the airport would never happen. The sets were very realistic; the movie isn't a travelogue promoting India as a tourist area. I enjoyed the relationships but felt it was a good movie, not a great one so agree with the blogger's 3* rating.