Saturday, June 16, 2012


 Animated action/adventure

Ben Stiller: Alex, a lion
Chris Rock: his best friend Marty, a zebra
David Schwimmer: Melman, a giraffe
Jada Pinkett Smith: his love interest Gloria, a hippo
Tom McGrath: Skipper, a penguin
Frances McDormand: animal control officer Captain Chantel DuBois 
Sacha Baron Cohen: King Julien XIII, a lemur
Cedric the Entertainer: his underlings Maurice
Andy Richter: and cute little Mort
Bryan Cranston: Vitaly, an intimidating Russian tiger
Martin Short: daredevil Stefano, an Italian sea lion
Jessica Chastain: Gia, a pretty Italian jaguar

Virtual non-stop action coupled with brief musical interludes makes for a pleasant outing as the “old” gang decide to return to their Central Park home in New York city. On the way they encounter unforeseen obstacles and meet new friends. The well-rendered images are ablaze with colour and the musical score is appropriate for the action.

For some reason that’s not apparent to me Alex says we in Canada are “drunk on maple syrup and cheap pharmaceuticals”. Really?

There are a couple of things for the amusement of the adults in the audience but nothing more than a few half-hearted innuendos. By the way, if you choose to see it in 3D as I did, be prepared to duck frequently as lots of things come hurtling at you.


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