Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Crime drama

Ryan Gosling: the Kid, a mechanic who moonlights
Bryan Cranston: his boss Shannon, owner of an auto-repair shop
Albert Brooks: Shannon’s mob contact Bernie Rose
Carey Mulligan: Irene, a Denny's waitress
Kaden Leos: her 7-year-old son Benicio
Ron Perlman: Bernie's nasty partner and pizzeria owner Nino
Oscar Isaac: Irene’s husband Standard
Christina Hendricks: his accomplice Blanche

I love it when movies make use of the visual aspect to tell the story rather than having a bunch of words to accomplish the same task. In this case because the principal is a man of few words (about two dozen in total) his body language and facial expressions are all we have to go on. But that’s enough.

The supporting cast are excellent, the car chases really well done and the tension almost palpable. And it’s almost guaranteed to take your mind off your troubles.

The squeamish like me will have to avert their eyes a couple times as the degree of violence gets quite brutal at times.

for strong brutal bloody violence, language and some nudity.

• Regardless of the actual speed he drives, the car’s speedometer never moves off 30 miles per hour.
• This is one of my classic nitpicks: when the driver abruptly hangs up, the person on the end of the line, Bernie, hears a dial tone. In reality the dial tone is only heard when first picking up the phone before dialling. That’s why it’s called a dial tone.

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