Friday, October 28, 2011


In French with English subtitles

Kevin Parent: 40-year-old disk jockey Antoine Godin
Hélène Florent: his ex-wife Carole
Evelyne Brochu: Antoine’s new girlfriend Rose
Vanessa Paradis: single parent Jacqueline
Marin Gerrier: her mentally challenged 6-year-old son Laurent

This is one odd-ball, confusing movie. It’s almost as though the director wanted to do something really different and in that he succeeded. To being with there are two separate story lines, one taking place in present day Montreal and the other in Paris 1969. What they have to do with each other will forever remain a mystery to many although there is some clue during the end credits. Yes, while the end credits are playing and when most of the audience has left the theatre. Told you it was odd-ball.

Somehow we are supposed to discern that one song, la café de flore, is the common link between these two stories. In the meantime the director cuts across the stories and time periods with wild abandon which serves mainly to confuse things even more. What a headache trying to keep people and events sorted out especially with flashbacks within flashbacks. And to do this for almost two hours. What a waste of time and energy.

for some sexuality and nudity.

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