Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Romantic comedy

Jake Gyllenhaal: sales clerk Jamie Randall
Josh Gad: Jamie’s younger brother Josh
Oliver Platt: Pfizer Area Manager Bruce Jackson
Katheryn Winnick: Pfizer sales rep Lisa
Hank Azania: Dr. Stan Knight
Anne Hathaway: 26-year-old artist Maggie Murdock
Gabriel Macht: Trey Hannigan, top salesman for Eli Lilly's Prozac

Much of the film is squarely targeted at teenagers and it should satisfy the wet-dream of even the most horny of them. And they don’t have to wait very long before the first tantalizing scene: about two minutes after the opening credits we get to see two people “doing it”.

But that is only the first of many similar encounters, sometimes within 10-minutes of meeting for the first time, providing ample opportunity to view topless women and bottomless men. The requisite masturbation scene is there as is the clueless rich boy, even a pajama party with everyone pairing off.

for strong sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, and some drug material.

• Set in 1996 the grey-market electronics store where Jamie works has nothing but large flat screen televisions. Although these were invented two years earlier by a team at the University of Illinois it was not until 1997 that Sharp and Sony introduced them to the marketplace.
• The first large flat screen televisions sold for more than $15,000 making them well out of reach of most people. Consequently they were available only in high-end retail stores not the kind of store where Jamie was a sales clerk.
• Although Dr. Knight never touches the stethoscope slung over his left shoulder it moves by itself from one scene to another.
• In the same manner, the straw in Maggie’s drink changes location by itself.
• And so does Jamie’s roller-bag when he sets it down beside the dumpster.

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