Thursday, March 25, 2010



Robert Pattinson: 21-year-old Tyler Hawkins
Tate Ellington: his best buddy Aidan Hall
Chris Cooper: NYPD Sgt. Neil Craig
Emilie de Ravin: his 21-year-old daughter Ally, a student at NYU
Pierce Brosnan: Tyler’s father Charles, a powerful lawyer
Ruby Jerins: Tyler’s 11-year-old sister Caroline
Lena Olin: Tyler and Caroline’s mother Diane
Gregory Jbara: Diane’s new husband Les

It comes across as a soap-opera what with all the emotional heartache these people encounter, particularly Tyler. And he’s a strange one too: not only does he clearly demonstrate a complete lack of judgement, his fixation with his siblings (Michel and Caroline) is hardly believable. And credibility really suffers with his over-the-top, shouting matches once interrupting a high-powered business meeting. Perhaps that makes for good drama but it does not ring true.

One other thing: there are some odd moments of discontinuity with gaps in the storyline. Case in point when Caroline attends a friends birthday party something must have happened because she goes to school next day with her hair cut short. What was that all about?

for violence, sexual content, language and smoking.

While having an argument with her dad, the strap of Ally’s tank top for the most part is hanging loose midway down her arm but in some shots it is back up on her shoulder.

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