Friday, March 19, 2010



Ben Foster: U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery
Jena Malone: his girlfriend Kelly
Woody Harrelson: U.S. Army Captain Tony Stone
Samatha Morton: Olivia Pitterson, wife of a soldier
Steve Buscemi: Dale Martin, father of a soldier

Rarely mentioned, much less the subject of a film, is the United States Army's Casualty Notification service which gives notice to the next of kin that a loved one has been killed. Reactions to this news varies greatly and the emotions come across as real, a testament to the fine acting ability of these actors.

But the excellent acting does not end there: Ben Foster does a great job but to my mind this is Woody Harrelson’s best performance ever.

With crisp editing but with time devoted to developing the character of these two we gain an insight into what has to be one of the most difficult jobs for any soldier.

for sex, nudity and strong language.

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