Thursday, November 19, 2009



Ewan McGregor: newspaper reporter Bob Wilton
Stephen Root: psychic Gus Lacey
George Clooney: ex-Special Ops officer Lyn Cassady
Jeff Bridges: Vietnam veteran Bill Django
Kevin Spacey: new recruit Larry Hooper
Stephen Lang: Gen. Dean Hopgood

When a film is promoted as a comedy it should be funny no? Well this one isn’t. The odd smirk maybe, perhaps a couple of amusing moments but nothing of the laugh-out-loud variety of humour. Given that the cast are mostly A-List actors and the title gives every indication that this is a bit of an oddball movie, well expectations are high.
Making use of flashbacks we learn of a program designed to develop the psychic powers of select recruits who will form a military unit of “mind warriors”. This potentially could lead to some wild and crazy stuff but it never does. Everyone is trying real hard to be funny, but it all falls flat. The story ambles along from one episode to another but these are of little interest and go nowhere. Maybe at some point you begin to wonder “why am I spending so much time sitting through this?”. I did.

for language, some drug content and brief nudity.

• The stripes, bars or stars worn on the shoulders of a military uniform denote the person's rank and are called "insignia." The insignia for a Brigadier General is one star but Hopgood, who we’re told is a Brigadier General, has incorrectly been given two stars.
• In 2003 desktop computers did not come with flat-panel LCD monitors as shown in the war room.
• Finding an oasis both Bob and Lyn drink lustily from their cupped hands. When they look up to see what the noise is, both their faces are completely dry.

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