Monday, November 16, 2009


Disaster epic

Jimi Mistry: Indian geophysicist Dr. Satnam Tsurutani
Chiwetel Ejiofor: Dr. Adrian Helmsley, U.S. Chief Science Advisor
Oliver Platt: his boss Chief of Staff Carl Anheuser
Thandie Newton: Laura Wilson
John Cusack: Jackson Curtis, limo driver and published author of Farewell Atlantis
Amanda Peet: his ex-wife Kate
Liam James: their 13-year-old son Noah
Morgan Lily: their 8-year-old daughter Lilly
Tom McCarthy: Kate's plastic surgeon boyfriend Gordon
Woody Harrelson: doomsday radio host Charlie Frost
Danny Glover: Thomas Wilson, President of the United States of America
Zlatko Buric: Jackson's boss, Russian billionaire Yuri Karpov
Beatrice Rosen: Yuri’s girlfriend Tamara

This is one big-budget no-holds-barred disaster movie. In keeping with this genre of movie many of the world’s best known icons get destroyed and people come perilously close to dying. It’s all good fun: I quite enjoyed it secure in the comfy chair of the movie theatre.

The CGI special effects are nothing short of amazing although they do run on a bit too long. At 2 hours and 20 minutes it needs some editing: hardly anyone has that much free time to spend watching anything, even such an important event at the end of the world as we know it.

for intense disaster sequences, some strong language and apocalyptic violence.

• Charlie has a beer in his hand: it rotates showing different parts of the label from one shot to the next.
• After a lengthy speech the time remaining on the count down clock is shown as 3:15. Several minutes later one of the crew says something to the effect “there is not much time left, we must hurry” and behind him the clock has rewound itself to 3:58.
• The aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) is seen being tossed in a tidal wave. After nearly 40 years of service in the United States Navy, Kennedy was officially decommissioned on 1 August 2007 and is no longer seaworthy.

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