Saturday, April 18, 2009


Road trip

Joshua Jackson: school teacher Ben Tyler
Fiona Reid: his mother Mary
Chuck Shamata: his father Gerald
Liane Balaban: his fiancée Samantha (aka Sam)
Gord Downie: a stoned biker
Emm Gryner: Tracey, a songwriter-singer

For any road trip movie I use the film In the Wild as the benchmark for this genre of film. In it the main subject meets interesting characters, undertakes some new and different things and the fabulous camerawork (unusual camera angles, sweeping vistas) shows off the countryside to its best advantage.

One Week has none of the above: the people Ben meets are just ordinary folks, he doesn’t do anything more than ride his motorcycle and having personally seen much of the scenery in the movie I can honestly say most of the places shown look better in real life than they do in the movie; somehow these spectacular settings come across as bland and most of them are not.


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