Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Crime drama

Tom Wilkinson: Howard Tully, CEO of Burkett & Randle
Paul Giamatti: Richard “Dick” Garsik, CEO of rival Equikrom
Julia Roberts: Claire Stenwick, an operative for the C.I.A
Clive Owen: Ray Koval, an MI6 agent

Since for a long time we're not made privy to what's going on, at the risk of spoiling everything just let me say this: with their backgrounds both Clarire and Ray are well positioned to enter the private sector, working for the counterespionage departments of competing consumer-products giants.

Typical of the James Bond-type caper, the action takes place in more than one exotic location with each flashback providing some insight to what has just transpired. All this gets a bit confusing though.

At 2 hours and five minutes it is a tad too long and there is at least one twist too many in this convoluted plot which will leave many wondering “who dunnit?”; me included.

for language and some sexual content.

1. When celebrating their success, the bottles of Stella Artois on the counter change position between shots although no one approaches them.
2. A waiter opens a bottle of champagne and fills Claire’s glass mostly with froth. While filling Ray’s glass the froth settles and Claire winds up with hardly any champagne at all. The waiter leaves and they toast something with Claire’s glass now magically half full.

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