Thursday, April 9, 2009



Jesse Eisenberg: 22-year-old recent college graduate James Brennan
Wendie Malick: his mom
Jack Gilpin: his dad
Matt Bush: his best friend Tommy Frigo
Bill Hader: Adventureland amusement park owner Bobby
Kristen Wiig: his wife Paulette
Martin Starr: James’ older co-worker Joel Schiffman
Kristen Stewart: another co-worker Emily (aka Em) Lewin
Ryan Reynolds: Mike Connell, park maintaince man
Margarita Levieva: the park’s “hotty” Lisa P.
Josh Pais: Em’s father
Mary Birdsong: Em’s stepmother

Casting has done a really good job: these are real-life, believable characters who interact like real people and talk like real people. In addition the acting is bang on in this coming-of-age movie centered around teenage romance. More restrained than many pictures of this sort, particularly the sexy bits, it is also more thought provoking.

One other thing: crude humour involving puking and groin punches to my mind takes it down a notch in trying to meet the expectations of some members of the audience. Mind you it’s not wall-to-wall crudeness and profanity but it has some of these elements that I could do without.

for language, drug use and sexual references.

1. During the party at Em’s house one of the guests is walking about with his sunglasses on top of his head. This fashion statement did not exist when these events took place in 1987.
2. The etymology of the expression “it sucks” is the subject of some debate but was not used in 1987.

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