Sunday, February 8, 2009



Anne Hathaway: Kym Buchman
Rosemarie DeWitt: her older sister Rachel
Bill Irwin: their father Paul
Debra Winger: their mother Abby
Tunde Adebimpe: Rachel’s fiancĂ© Sidney, a musician

Half way through I began to think the producers had such a limited budget there was no money for post-production film editing. But I was wrong. According to the end credits there was someone assigned the job but he was obviously playing it loose and free because just about everything goes on far too long: the unscripted toasts, the wedding vows, the reception (I didn’t time it but it must be 15 minutes long) not to mention more than a few of the conversations leading up to that.

Filming with a hand-held camera resulting in jerky, out-of-focus, whirling shots is fine when there is no other alternative to capturing the images. But this technique has no place in a movie of this sort. It belittles this story about a dysfunctional family that has serious issues to deal with.

There are some good performances (Hathaway and Irwin in particular) but they are wasted in this overblown depiction of life.

for language and brief sexuality.

Despite crashing with quite some force into a highway sign the front of the car hasn’t got so much as a scratch on it. Not that I can blame them; I wouldn’t want to mess up a brand new Mercedes-Benz either.

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