Monday, February 9, 2009


Crime drama
Based on a true story

A polytechnic is a school of higher education offering instruction in a variety of vocational, technical, and scientific subjects. École Polytechnique is an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montreal.

Maxim Gaudette: Marc Lépine
Karine Vanasse: Valérie, a mechanical engineering student
Évelyne Brochu: her roommate and best friend Stéphanie
Sébastien Huberdeau: friend of the girls and fellow student Jean-François

Filmed in the style of a documentary, it is not. Although the film faithfully recreates the horrific events that took place at the École Polytechnique on Dec. 6, 1989 it says little about the killer’s motives, hardly anything about the students and nothing about the impact it had afterwards on the victim's families, on those who were spared and on Canadian society.

Additionally it misses a splendid opportunity to explain the delayed intervention by the police (and subsequent change in police emergency response tactics) or the changes to Canadian gun control laws.

So I’m left with one unanswered question: why did they make the movie?

for disturbing images.

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