Sunday, November 23, 2008


Historical drama
Based on a true story

The "shot heard round the world" fired at Lexington, Massachusetts on April 19, 1775 began the war for American Independence and ended eight years later with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

The French Revolution began in 1789 and lasted 10 years during which time the French governmental structure moved from an absolute monarchy to one based on Enlightment principles of nationalism, citizenship and the inalienable rights of the individual.

Keira Knightley: 16-year-old Georgiana
Charlotte Rampling: her mother Lady Spencer
Ralph Fiennes: William Cavendish, the fifth Duke of Devonshire
Hayley Atwell: Lady Elizabeth 'Bess' Foster
Simon McBurney: Charles Fox, leader of the right-wing political Whig party
Dominic Cooper: his protégé Charles Grey

The Brits do it best: historical period drama with perfectly detailed costumes, lovely settings showing the countryside at its best and lush interiors. With some terrific performances and a true story of romance and infidelity we get an insight into 18th Century upper British society.

for sexual content, brief nudity and thematic material.

Following his father’s elevation to the peerage as an Earl, Charles Grey assumed the title the 2nd Earl Grey. Later after becoming Prime Minister he received as a gift some tea flavoured with a citrus fruit from southern Italy. This blend of tea is now known simply as Earl Grey.

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