Friday, November 21, 2008


Animated cartoon

John Travolta: Bolt, an abandoned puppy
Miley Cyrus: his new owner Penny
Lino DiSalvo: Vinnie, leader of the New York wise-guy pigeons
Todd Cummings: his buddy Joey
Tim Mertens : their friend Bobby
Susie Essman: Mittens, a real cool cat
Mark Walton: Rhino, the hamster
Malcolm McDowell: the evil Green-Eyed Man
Greg Germann: Penny's Agent

A combination of a well-written story about a dog and his travelling companions, superb CGI and great voice talent makes this a real winner. Some of the jokes are the “laugh-out-loud” sort plus there are many amusing moments. The realism and attention to detail is remarkable: the shimmering of the pigeon's neck feathers, his reflection in the glass door as the Animal Control Officer goes into the office, the little LCD on the agent's Bluetooth Handsfree headset blinking once in a while.

Particularly important for the wee ones with their short attention span, there is very little down time with the action pretty well non-stop. I don’t know if it will become a Disney Classic but it’s a charmer on its own.

for some mild action and peril.

I saw 3D version. Someone who had not said it was worth the extra $3 admission price.

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