Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Brief Jewish dialogue with English subtitles

Jesse Aaron Dwyre: Adam Levy, a Jewish teenager
Flavia Bechara: Yasmine Gibran, a college student
Paul Aharani: her Lebanese father Najeeb
Gabriel Gascon: Adam’s grandfather, an Orthodox rabbi
Maxim Roy: Najeeb’s girlfriend Christine
Tyrone Benskin: Mostafa, owner of a book store

A low budget movie about a young couple whose budding relationship is hampered by long standing conflicts and hatred not of their doing. Although the acting is somewhat uneven (Najeeb in particular) it’s emotionally satisfying to watch as things develop.

In keeping with the low-key approach the dramatic highlights have been dampened somewhat: the scene of bombing is shown with quiet background music not the usual noisy sound effects, Adam on the roof top is restrained without the usual soaring strings as musical background.

Although the running time is just 90 minutes, it is a tad too long: some editing would have fixed that.

but would be of no interest to children.

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