Monday, June 2, 2008



Wade Davis, author, photographer and an outspoken conservationist
His 18-year-old daughter Tara
Environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (son of Ethel and Robert Kennedy)
His 18-year-old daughter Kick (Kathleen)

Wanting to be more than just another travelogue film, the producers tacked on the subtitle “River at Risk” ostensibly to make us aware of the fact the Colorado River is in trouble. What’s really in trouble is the movie. It is terribly muddled and needs sorting out.

To start with the producers never do spell out what might befall the river; presumably it is at risk of one day disappearing but we should not be going around guessing. Furthermore instead of concentrating on the river, the subject of the film, we are shown examples of global warming including a huge map of Lake Chad in Africa. We know all about that; what we came to see was a movie about the Grand Canyon.

Eventually we get to meet the people who will be our guides, Wade Davis and his daughter. But soon Robert F. Kennedy’s story is interjected and then we flip flop between these two groups until you have no idea what the heck it’s all about.

Until the final credits roll; then we are told about the need to conserve water, to turn off the water while brushing our teeth (yeah right) and to install new low-volume flush toilets. Kohler, the manufacturer of high-end bathroom fixtures is one of the corporate sponsors. I wonder if they had anything to do with that suggestion?

One other thing: there are the requisite big-screen majestic views of the Grand Canyon and a lot of on-board rafting down the Colorado. But pretty pictures themselves are not enough to counterbalance the serious shortcomings in the telling of the story.


The producers got carried away with their new 3D “toy” and consequently subject us to repetitive images of CGI water droplets encapsulating the opening credits streaming towards us. We know it’s a 3D movie; there’s no need to hammer the point home

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