Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Original title: Vier Minuten
In German with English subtitles

Robert Schumann (June 1810 – July 1865) was a German composer and influential music critic. His 148 published compositions were, until 1840, all for the piano; he later composed works for piano and orchestra. One of his earliest compositions was the much-liked Carnaval (op. 9, 1834). His Träumerei is one of the most famous piano pieces ever written. Kreisleriana (op. 16, 1838) is considered by many as one of his greatest works.

Monica Bleibtreu: Fräulein Traude Krüger, 80-year-old piano teacher
Hannah Herzsprung: Jenny von Loeben, 20-year-old convict in a women's prison
Stefan Kurt: Direktor Meyerbeer, prison Warden
Sven Pippig: prison guard Mütze

This is one terrific movie combining a well-constructed character study with exceptionally good acting. Movies about relationships too often are so predictable; this one is not. Music is central to the story: there is lots of it including many original pieces along with those composed by Schumann.

Despite the fact some of the flashbacks are a bit confusing this shortcoming does not significantly alter the overall story line. The cinemaphotography is top notch and the editing bang on.

for disturbing images and brief violence.

Fräulein is the German title for unmarried women as opposed to Frau for married women. It is the equilivant of Miss in English.

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