Sunday, April 6, 2008


In Italian with English subtitles
Original title: La Sconosciuta

Xenia Rappoport: Irena, an Ukrainian refugee
Alessandro Haber: the apartment building porter
Claudia Gerini: Valeria Adacher, wealthy jeweller
Clara Dossena: her 4-year-old daughter Thea
Pierfrancesco Favino: her father Donato
Piera Degli Esposti: their maid Gina
Michele Favino: Mold, a very nasty fellow

The first five minutes seem like an promotion for some pornographic website and then it’s all forgotten. Problem is, in no way is this an essential part of the story. In fact we’re left to guess what the heck is going on. Never did figure that out.

But that is just the first of many events that take place which don’t make any sense at all. Given that it is a thriller you expect some things to be something other than what they appear. But there is a limit to how many incomprehensible plot devices you can foist on the viewer.

Apart from that as soon as the story gets moving along we are subjected to a series of flashbacks giving us some idea of Irena’s earlier life. But the frequency they appear seems only to reinforce the porno website aspect of the whole thing.

One more thing: it’s too long at almost two hours.

for disturbing images, explicit portrayals of violence, full frontal nudity and sexual activity.

Given its location it would be impossible for Irena to see the safe from the doorway of the workshop.

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