Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Romantic comedy

Jason Segel: Musical composer Peter Bretter
Kristen Bell: his girlfriend televison actress Sarah Marshall
Bill Hader: Jason’ step-brother Brian
Mila Kunis: Front desk employee Rachel Jansen
Russell Brand: Brit rock star Aldous Snow

A new form of comedy has been making its appearance more frequently than ever in movies: the raunchy comedy. Characterised by its sex-oriented theme, it appeals mostly to the young males in the audience (early-to-mid twenties) although I notice quite a number of females show up as well. No doubt because the on-screen nudity involves both sexes and therefore there is something for everyone.

Starting off with a quick flash of male nudity only five minutes into it seems to set the scene. Although the lingering sight of the male sex organ provoked a few titters and couple of giggles, it was but a prelude to some of the other hijinks to come. And in case you missed it, this full frontal shot reappears three or four more times. Anything for a laugh I guess. With potty mouth dialog (even the girls use the most vulgar references to the male appendage) and uneven acting the whole thing drags on forever.

I could not wait to walk out.

R for sexual content, language and some graphic nudity.

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