Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Based on a true story

Jim Sturgess: 21-year-old Ben Campbell, a graduating M.I.T. student
Josh Gad: Miles, one of his best buddies
Sam Golzari: another buddy Cam
Kevin Spacey: M.I.T. math Professor Micky Rosa
Kate Bosworth: Jill Taylor, a student at M.I.T.
Jacob Pitts: Fisher, another student
Laurence Fishburne: Cole Williams, head of security at Planet Hollywood casino

Although it starts of at a pretty good clip it bogs down mid-way through with too much of the same thing. Consequently it is too long and will tax the patience of all but the most dedicated blackjack player.

In addition to eliminating some of the repetitious card playing the whole romance thing could be cut out because it is not germane to their endeavour nor is it even a little bit believable. I suspect it’s there simply to get the PG rating.

Even though you might expect childish behaviour of some college students the antics of the Chinese fellow are ridiculous given the circumstances.

Despite these shortcomings it presents a terrific story about the "little guy" who takes on the big bad corporate machine and beats him at his own game. There are some fine performances by several people to pull this off.

for some violence and sexual content including brief partial nudity.

 Ben is seen riding his bike across the bridge over the Charles River with his bag slung over his right shoulder. When he dismounts it has switched places and is now on his left shoulder.
 Ben wants to enter Harvard Medical School. Annual tuition and fees are $41,647 while room and board is approximately $10,400. HMS is a four-year program so the total would be about $200,000 not $300,000 as he mentions several times.
 While riding down the Las Vegas strip the team pass the famous Eiffel Tower. These events took place in the mid-90’s well before construction of this half-size replica even began.
 When they come out of a hotel they walk beside the elaborate musical fountain display that is in front of the Bellagio hotel. The hotel only opened in October 1998.

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