Friday, December 28, 2007


2008 Best Original Screenplay

Romantic comedy

Ellen Page: sixteen-year old Juno MacGuff
Michael Cera: her boyfriend track star Paulie Bleeker
Olivia Thirby: her best girlfriend Leah
J.K. Simmons: her father Mac
Allison Janney: her stepmother Bren
Jason Bateman: Mark Loring, a musician and composer
Jennifer Garner: his wife Vanessa

This movie is just about perfect: nice pleasant people who don’t speak badly of others, witty thought-provoking smart dialogue and a nice toe-tapping musical score. All this within a very respectable hour and a half.

The casting is bang-on: each of the principals is exactly the right person for the job and several put in really great low key performances. In fact the whole thing is pretty low-key and very entertaining with the jokes more of the smile-sort rather than the right out laughter type.

for mature thematic material, sexual content and language.

 When Juno and her Dad drive up the street to visit the Lorings the sun is directly behind them. When they turn into the driveway the sun should be at right angles but instead has swung around and now comes in over the garage.
 Juno is carrying a huge cup of Slurpee down the stairs with the brand name clearly in evidence. While holding it in one hand her drink twists around between shots of her and Vanessa.
 Juno was a Roman goddess married to Jupiter, the ruler of the gods. Juno had no connection with the Greek god Zeus.
 Leah too has a self-twister, as her can of Coke simply will not stay put between shots in the mall of her and Juno.
 Juno drives alone to Mark and Vanessa’s house. The Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles stipulates that any driver under 18 must drive with and under the supervision of a licensed driver.
 When Juno stops on the highway the van is not entirely off the road with one wheel still on the pavement. From the overhead crane shot when she leaves we can see that the car has properly parked itself with all four wheels safely on the shoulder.

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