Saturday, December 1, 2007


Romantic comedy

Amy Adams: Giselle, a beautiful fairytale princess
James Marsden: the handsome Prince Edward
Susan Sarandon: the Prince’s wicked stepmother Queen Narissa
Timothy Spall: the Prince’s manservant Nathaniel
Rachel Covey: six-year-old Morgan
Patrick Dempsey: her father Robert, a NYC divorce attorney

It starts off like most Disney movies as an old fashioned animated cartoon but quickly becomes a live-action type film with real people. Well as real as they can get in a Disney movie.

Although geared to kids it is still an entertaining outing for all since it has some great music and dance numbers along with some pretty goofy humour. Giselle’s bright and cheerful outlook sets the tone and the colourful sets match her disposition.

Computer generated images (CGI) is used sparingly except near the end when they go a bit overboard with the dragon stuff which gets them the PG classification.

for some scary images and mild innuendo.

 While strolling in Central Park Giselle gives an old lady some money which she holds in her hands as Giselle continues on. The scene shifts to Giselle looking back at the old lady who has her hands in the air with no money to be seen until it once more reverts to the original view of Giselle skipping away with the old lady firmly holding the money.
 When Robert and Giselle are in the Italian restaurant, the number of breadbaskets on the shelf behind them varies from one scene to the next although no one approaches them. Sometimes two piles, usually just one, sometimes piled six high, other times just four.

Unlike most films geared to kids, there is but one instance of the requisite crude, vulgar bodily noises. Goes to show you, even Disney has to make some concession to meet the expectations of their younger audience.

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