Thursday, December 13, 2007


Family comedy

Tom Cavanagh: Ed McNally, former professional hockey player
Ben Shenkman: Sam, a sports lawyer
Noah Bernett: his brother's stepson 11-year-old Scot
Colin Cunningham: Sam’s brother Billy

There is a lot to be said for making a movie about relationships, self respect, dealing with adversary and intolerance. But trying to make it funny at the same time is a lot less effective (despite being done in a respectful manner) because several situations really lack credulity and consequently are not comical.

The acting for the most part is pretty standard stuff except for Scot who does quite a good job of it.

for mature matter and brief sport related violence.

 Eric offers Scot a variety of drinks including Mountain Dew. Health Canada regulations restrict the use of caffeine to 'dark-coloured' varieties of soft drinks such as cola and root beer. Since Mountain Dew is clear in colour like 7-Up it is unavailable in Canada.
 At the end of the day Sam and Eric are laying in bed. The scene shifts to show Scot entering the room and back to them but now they are both sitting upright.
 Sam tells his brother he is concerned that Scot has missed September schooling in Brazil. In fact he’s missed October, November and most of December as evidenced by the fact Christmas decorations are already up in the shopping mall.

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