Saturday, November 3, 2007



Ellen David: Clara, a Montreal housewife
Colin Mochrie: her husband
Caroline Dhavernas: their teenage daughter Bianca
VĂ©ronique Le Flaguais: Clara’s mother
Louison Danis: the next door neighbour Ginetta
Adam J. Harrington: her son Michael

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of seeing someone trying to do their best but still making a mess of it. How about watching a half dozen people in that situation? No fun at all.

In a word, the acting is pitiful: apart from Clara’s mother, either they seem to be reading their lines for the first time or they emote in that exaggerated theatrical manner that is so false.

Even though the acting by Clara’s mother is better than the others, she comes across as a bitter, grouchy old woman and that makes it hard to feel sympathy towards someone like that when it’s time to do so. What were the writers thinking when they decided to portray her like that? They weren’t.

In addition the writers did a poor job of trying to include some comedic element to the story. They are either out of place or simply not amusing. No fun at all.

for nudity and some language.

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