Friday, November 16, 2007


Romantic comedy

Ryan Gosling: Lars Lindstrom, computer programmer
Emily Mortimer: his sister-in-law Karin
Paul Schneider: his older brother Gus
Kelli Garner: Margo, one of Lars's co-workers
Patricia Clarkson: Dr. Dagmar, the town physician

If nothing else, this is an original. Some would say “a bit quirky” but call it what you will; it provides a new slant on the meaning of relationships. Hilarious at times (not the laugh-out-loud type, more the big-smile sort of funny) there is still a serious side to it.

Evident from the get-go is the feeling of kindness and understanding family and friends have towards Lars and his situation. Something we can all learn from.

for some sex-related content.

 While having dinner at his brother’s house, Lars has a full glass of milk on his left hand side. The shot turns to his sister-in-law then back to Lars and we see him with knife and fork in hand lean over and take something off his friend’s plate. His glass of milk is now on the other side of his plate. Back to Karin and then to Lars once more and his glass of milk has returned to its place while he still holds on to his knife and fork.
 Dr. Dagmar is sitting on a couch with her hands in her lap while talking to Lars. The scene shifts to view her from Lar’s position and although she does not change position, her left arm in now up on the back of the sofa.

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