Saturday, November 17, 2007


2008 Best Picture
Best Actor in Supporting Role
Best Directing

Crime drama

Javier Bardem: Anton Chigurh (pronounced "Sh-gurr")
Josh Brolin: Vietnam vet and hunter Llewelyn Moss
Tommy Lee Jones: Sheriff Ed Tom Bell
Garret Dillahunt: Deputy Wendell
Kelly Macdonald: Llewelyn’s wife Carla Jean
Woody Harrelson: Carson Wells, a bounty hunter

The outstanding production values come about from the unmistakable touch of the Cohen brothers (of Fargo fame) who wrote and directed the film coupled with the cinemaphotography of Roger Deakins (most recently The Assassination of Jesse James). Add to that the superb sound effects, great acting, a suspenseful well-constructed story and you get one dandy film.

Although it is over 2 hours long, it does not seem like it as it moves along at its own pace. There is not a lot that could be edited out, except for the last two or three minutes. Change the ending and it gets one more star.

for some language and strong graphic violence (and they ain’t kiddin’).

I couldn’t figure out how the title related to the movie itself. Turns out it comes from a line in a poem and I quote:
“As a literal paraphrase, the first stanza consists of the speaker describing his former country, a place that is not oriented toward the aged.”

Sailing To Byzantium
by William Butler Yeats

That is no country for old men. The young
In one another’s arms, birds in the trees etc etc

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