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Venetian merchants traded extensively in silk and encouraged silk growers to settle in Italy. By the 13th century, Italian silk was a significant source of trade. Italian silk was so popular in Europe that Francis I of France invited Italian silk makers to create a French silk industry, especially in Lyon. In the late 19th century China, Japan, and Italy were the major producers of silk.

Michael Pitt: Hervé Joncour, young military man
Kenneth Welsh: his father, the mayor of Lavilledieu
Alfred Molina: local businessman Baldabiou
Keira Knightley: schoolmistress Hélène
Koji Yashuko: the village leader

This movie is not a complete write-off but almost.

First the good things about it.
1. Stunning cinematography (consistent with the high production values)

The not-so-good things about it:
1. Way too long (almost 2 hours)
2. Ponderously slow (takes forever for anything to happen)
3. Thin story line
4. Unbelievable story line
5. Amateurish acting (by the lead actor)
6. Repetitive scenes (same long trip shown three times)
7. Repetitive piano score
8. Unnecessary clutter that goes nowhere (the Dutch guns trader etc)

for sexuality and nudity.

The same painted background scene of the mountains is used more than once. Most set directors go to great length to make sure the illusion of reality is not compromised in this manner.

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