Saturday, September 1, 2007



The title pretty well says it all: we are running out of time to effectively deal with global warming. Not subtle, but neither are the poignant comments from some 40 or 50 experts who offer their collective opinion that something needs to be done. The trouble is there is far too much information. The film is very much like a university-level lecture with only brief interludes to give the brain a rest before the next onslaught of facts and figures. It is sometimes simply overwhelming.

Narrated and co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, the movie does offer some new theories for thoughtful consideration but for the most part it’s a regurgitation of material found elsewhere. There is an interesting attempt to balance the ugly images of pollution by some of the most stunning shots of nature I’ve seen in quite some while.

for some disturbing violent imagery, which I presume, is the 3-second clip showing the clubbing of a baby seal since nothing else would warrant the classification.

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