Monday, September 24, 2007

3:10 TO YUMA


Christian Bale: rancher Dan Evans
Russell Crowe: outlaw gang leader Ben Wade
Ben Foster: his right-hand man Charlie Prince
Peter Fonda: bounty hunter Byron McElroy
Logan Lerman: Evans's 14-year-old son William
Dallas Roberts: Pinkerton man Grayson Butterfield

It certainly meets all the criteria of the classic Western-type movie: lots of gunfights, quick paced action, spectacular western landscapes, good guys and bad guys.

But beyond that the movie brings into play issues of morality and honesty and character. Food for thought.

The acting is first rate and the casting just perfect. Everybody looks the way they should. Production values are uniformly high. Although it’s nearly 2 hours long, the editing is crisp and there is not a lot that could (or should) be cut out.

for violence and some language.

The doctor removes the bullet from McElroy’s stomach but does not touch it with anything other than the forceps yet it comes out all nice and clean, in pristine condition, without any sign of blood.

When he drops it into a round metal bowl the sound of the bullet hitting the bowl is too late by at least a half a second.

It passes by so quickly so I’m not 100% sure but I think the sign above the entrance reads Besser's Parlour. The correct spelling in the United States is parlor (ie: without the u).

There is no spout protruding from the round wooden water tower used to replenish the steam engines.

In the mid-1800’s the U.S. Federal Government posted a $200 reward for the capture of anyone accused of robbing the U.S. Mail. For a cowboy who earned $40 a month this was a huge amount. In terms of today’s currency, the reward would be about $2,400.

The end credits for some strange reason use Russell Crowe's character’s name rather than his own when crediting his makeup artist, his hairstylist, etc

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