Monday, August 13, 2007


Fantasy romance

Charlie Cox: Tristan, a 18-year old Englishman
Sienna Miller: Victoria, a rather vain young lady
Henry Cavill: big bully Humphrey
Claire Danes: the walking-talking fallen star Yvaine
Peter O’Toole: the king of Stormhold
Michelle Pfeiffer: the not so ugly witch Lamia

After half an hour I had enough and walked out. What transpired I think is all pretty silly. Here’s what I saw so you can be the judge:

Tristan falls in love with the prettiest maiden in the village (what else is new?) who is betrothed to the town-braggart (surprise) but will marry the new guy if he fetchs her a falling star (now that’s true love) which turns out to be a even more beautiful girl. But an ugly witch wants to snatch her heart out so she (the ugly witch) will gain immortal beauty and now Tristan has all kinds of problems.

for fantasy violence and some risque humor.

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