Monday, August 6, 2007


Romantic comedy

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Kate, the chef of an upscale Manhattan bistro
Bob Balaban: her therapist
Patricia Clarkson: restaurant-owner Paula
Abigail Breslin: Kate’s 8-year old neice Zoë
Aaron Eckhart: replacement sous-chef Nick

You would be hard pressed to find anything original in this movie but that doesn’t mean to say it’s not a pleasant diversion. Although somewhat predictable, there are moments when it takes a twist. The humour is of the amusing sort rather than “laugh-out-loud”.

The acting by Zeta-Jones is first rate but again the role does not call upon her to push herself to the limit. Eckhart on the other hand has the more challenging role and needs to work on some aspects a bit more (hint: the romantic part).

for some sensuality and language (very little of either I might add).

Taking a stroll with Kate, Zoë hops up on to the empty park benches and carefully steps over each armrest as she comes to it. She stops at the end of the benches when Kate says she has something to say to her. When they are finished talking Zoë jumps down from the bench having magically returned to the one where she began her walk.

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