Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Original title Les 3 p'tits cochons
In French with English subtitles

Claude Legault: Mathieu Quintal, bill collector
Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge: his younger brother Christian, Tae Kwon Do instructor
Paul Doucet: Remi, the eldest of the three brothers
France Castel: their mother Lucille
Isabel Richer: Mathieu’s wife Geneviève
Julie Perreault: Christian’s live-in girlfriend Hélène, a policwoman
Sophie Prégent: Remi’s wife Dominique
Mahée Paiement: Josian, one of Mathieu’s collegues
Marie-Hélène Gendreau: Karine, student of Tae Kwon Do
Marie-Laurence Moreau: Valerie, one of Remi’s friends

This film should not be confused with the children’s story of the same name. Walt Disney brought to the screen an animated version of the classic tale about learning from the mistakes of others. This movie is about making mistakes and not learning anything from others.

With some failed attempt at humour it tries to justify the infidelity-related mid-life crisis two of the brothers are experiencing. Yet it goes to great lengths to show them engaged in their sexually explicit liaisons. No doubt the “voyeurs” in the audience will appreciate this attention to detail. In fact it panders to the lower tastes and desires of those who enjoy watching X rated movies on the big screen.

Instead of putting so much effort in to producing a porn movie, they could have spent more time getting better actors. Certainly not everyone is gifted with thespian talents but frankly I’ve seen better acting in high school plays than what Mahée Paiement can do.

for brief violence, nudity, language and scenes of sex.

Calling someone “un cochon” in French is more than describing the person as a pig. It is a derogatory term and implies that he or she is a really dirty, scummy, filthy, undesirable person. In this case the title of the film is most apropos.

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