Thursday, December 21, 2006


In Spanish with English subtitles

Penélope Cruz: Raimunda, cleaning lady at the Madrid airport
Lola Dueñas: her younger sister Sole, a hairdresser
Yohana Cobo: Raimunda’s teenage daughter, Paula
Blanca Portillo: family friend and neighbour Agustina
Antonio de la Torre: Raimunda’s husband Paco
Chus Lampreave: Raimunda and Sole’s elderly Aunt Paula who lives in La Mancha
Carmen Maura: their mother Irene
María Isabel Díaz: Raimunda’s friend Regina, a prostitute

With so many women in the film (and hardly any men) you have to pay attention to the many characters and their relationship to one another. But it is worth the effort to see the fine performances and range of emotions by several.

Part murder mystery, part comedy, it is an entertaining show. However, it is too long, by about half an hour, as several tangents lead nowhere and only serve to drag it out a bit.

some sexual content and language.

Volver: a Spanish verb meaning to turn, to return, to go back.
Mojito (pronounced mo-hee-tow): a rum cocktail served with mint and lime juice

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