Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Romantic comedy

Kate Winslet: Iris, wedding columnist for the Daily Telegraph
Rufus Sewell: Jasper, one of her colleagues
Cameron Diaz: Amanda, movie-trailer editor
Edward Burns: her boyfriend Ethan
Jude Law: Iris' brother Graham
Jack Black: Hollywood composer Miles
Eli Wallach: Hollywood writing legend Arthur Abbott

Romantic comedies are supposed to be about love and have something to laugh at. This one has very little of either. You have to sit through 30 minutes of bland dialog before there is the first hint of anything remotely funny. And even then we still haven’t seen the romantic part of the equation yet.

Unlike most movies of this sort, there are few, if any, clever lines and nothing charming or even worth remembering. In fact, the dialog just drags on and on and for the most part sounds entirely unreal. People simply do not talk that way to each other. And all this chatter makes the film far too long at 2½ hours.

And one more thing: the casting is all wrong. Jack Black is good at what he does, but leading man he ain’t!

for sexual content and some strong language.

When Iris and Arthur are walking up towards his house, it is evident from the strong shadows in the background that it’s around noon. However when they enter his house a few minutes later, the long shadows show it to be late afternoon.

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