Friday, December 1, 2006


Kate Winslet: stay-at-home mom Sarah Pierce
Sadie Goldstein: her young daughter Lucy
Patrick Wilson: stay-at-home dad Brad Adamson
Ty Simpkins: his young son Aaron
Jennifer Connelly: Brad's wife Kathy, a PBS producer
Gregg Edelman: Sarah's husband Richard, a self-described “branding expert”
Noah Emmerich: Brad’s friend, ex-cop Larry Hedges
Jackie Earle Haley: Ronnie McGorvey, a convicted pedophile
Phyllis Somerville: his mother May

Directed by Todd Field, this movie has many of the same characteristics as in his first film, In the Bedroom:
 A slice of American suburbia set in a small New England town (in this case, East Wyndham, Massachusetts)
 The acting is uniformly believable with some really great performances
 There’s an unhurried pace about it which allows time for character development

It’s also a bit of emotional roller coaster but overall, it’s one terrific movie.

for strong sexuality and nudity, language and some disturbing content.

The voiceover is a nice touch. Sometimes helpful, other times humourous.

Special mention must be made of the Sound Engineering: too often background noises are intentionally suppressed but by including them there is a greater sense of reality, which enriches the experience.

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