Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Animated adventure

Ryan Newman: a blonde pigtailed little girl
Mitchel Musso: 12-year old DJ
Fred Willard: his father, a dentist
Catherine O'Hara: his mother
Sam Lerner: DJ's best friend Chowder
Maggie Gyllenhaal: Elizabeth (aka Zee), the baby-sitter
Steve Buscemi: Old Man Nebbercracker, the owner of the decrepit old house
Spencer Locke: Jenny, student selling school items door-to-door
Jason Lee: Zee’s boyfriend Bones
Kevin James: Officer Landers
Nick Cannon: his rookie partner Lister

This is an old-style adventure story pitting the good guys against the forces of evil but done using the latest CGI technology. Despite the fact the movie is fairly short (1½ hours), character development has not been overlooked. Each of the principals has their own body language, their own way of speaking and what they say actually seems real.

Although there are some scary images, the producers have stayed away from really frightening ones. What a relief for “fraidy cats” like me.

for scary moments for the really young (5 and under ?)

The movie is a natural for 3D viewing and some theatres will be showing it in this format. BTW: there’s one more chuckle just before the final credits.

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