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Prada, SpA is an Italian fashion company with retail outlets worldwide. The company was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada selling handbags, wallets, shoes and briefcases. In 1978 Mario's granddaughter Miuccia Prada inherited what was still a leather goods business and added a line of designer clothing that today rivals Gucci, Verace, Armani, Valentino and the like.

Anne Hathaway: Andrea (Andy) Sachs, a recent journalism school grad
Emily Blunt: Emily, First Assistant to Miranda
Stanley Tucci: Nigel, the magazine’s Fashion Coordinator
Meryl Streep: Miranda Priestly, Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious fashion magazine, Runway
Adrian Grenier: Andy’s boyfriend Nate, a line cook in a local restaurant
Simon Baker: Christian Thompson, a famous writer for a New York magazine

With rapid-fire dialog and terrific acting (especially Streep’s portrayal of the cold and reserved boss barking out unreasonable demands) coupled with crisp editing and a good story line, this is a very enjoyable comedy about the fashion industry.

for mature themes, profanity (a four-letter word repeated three times) and sexual situations

In the opening scenes, Andy is dressed warmly in a brown tweed jacket with a belt. Sometimes the crossed over belt length is down to the third button but in other shots it is very short, only a couple of inches long.

When called into Miranda’s office, Andy has a strand of hair hanging down over her right eye. However in each close-up shot of her, the hair is no longer there.

When Nigel and Andy are having some champagne in her hotel room, the face of a crew member can be seen in the window reflection.

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