Saturday, May 13, 2006



Kurt Russell: Robert Ramsey, former Mayor of New York
Emmy Rossum: his daughter Jennifer
Mike Vogel: her secret fiancé Christian
Josh Lucas: Dylan Johns, professional gambler
Mía Maestro: stowaway Elena Gonzalez
Freddy Rodríguez: ship's waiter Marco Valentin
Jacinda Barrett: Maggie James, single mother
Jimmy Bennett: her son Conor
Richard Dreyfuss: Richard Nelson, an architect

Like all remakes of an earlier blockbuster, this one suffers from the fact that many people already know the story. There are a few new twists but the film suffers from a real feeling of déja-vu. The special effects outdo the original (hey it’s been 30 years already) and the stunts are first rate.
All told though, it’s fine entertainment as long as you don’t spend too much effort trying to find holes in the plot.

for prolonged sequences of disaster and peril.

Carpe diem, uttered by Richard Nelson, is generally translated from the Latin as “seize the day”.

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