Friday, May 26, 2006


Animated cartoon

Bruce Willis: RJ the raccoon
Nick Nolte: Vincent the bear
Garry Shandling: Verne the turtle, the leader of the forest animals
Steve Carell: Hamilton (aka Hammy) the hyper-active squirrel
Wanda Sykes: Stella the skunk
William Shatner: Ozzie the possum
Avril Lavigne: his daughter Heather
Eugene Levy: Lou the porcupine
Catherine O'Hara: his daughter Penny
Allison Janney: Gladys, head of the homeowner's association
Thomas Haden Church: Dwayne the Verminator
Omid Djalili: Tiger the cat

This one is not just for kids. Adults will find it humorous with more than a few pointed references to some of society’s current ills. As a counter balance we see the positive aspects of working together and the benefits of having strong family ties.
There are the requisite crude bodily noises that children expect in a movie of this sort but Hammy’s beginning recitation of the alphabet is right-on. The music is so-so despite the involvement of Hans Zimmer (an off day perhaps?).
With a simple story line, the movie is over before you realise it. Still it is entertaining and a pleasant way to spend an hour and a half.

for some rude humor and mild comic action.

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