Thursday, May 11, 2006


Action adventure

Tom Cruise: Ethan Hunt, semi-retired Special Agent
Philip Seymour Hoffman: Owen Davian, evil international arms dealer
Michelle Monaghan: Ethan’s fiancé Julia, a nurse in a local hospital
Billy Crudup: John Musgrave, Ethan’s boss at IMF
Ving Rhames: Luther Strickell, part of Ethan’s team
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Declan, team member
Maggie Q: Zhen, team member
Keri Russel: Lindsey, a field agent and Ethan’s protegé
Laurence Fishburne: John Brassel, Chief of Intelligence

Packed with almost non-stop action, great special effects, lots of stunts and fabulous locations, the only thing missing is any sense of excitement. Most of what we see is déja vu, not only in the earlier versions of Mission Impossible, but in other action movies as well. But it makes the time pass quickly.

for intense sequences of frenetic violence and menace, disturbing images and some sensuality

The Romans built the wall in 270AD that even today surrounds Rome (including the Vatican). Exclusive of the battlements and the huge towers that are four stories high, it rises to a height of 45 not 60 feet as mentioned in the IMF planning meeting.

After Zhen and Ethan go down a manhole, Ethan pulls on the circular manhole cover and drops it in place. These things are purposely designed to be too heavy for someone to easily move and weigh over 100 lb. so there is no way he could have done that alone, let alone with one hand.

According to the official website, the producers took full advantage of Tom Cruise’s well-known enthusiasm for performing his own stunts.

Why the object of interest is called a rabbit’s foot is never explained because it looks nothing at all like that. Perhaps I missed something?

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